node-pixel: Can't Configure Device. Arduino Uno Backpack

Hi. Thanks for the great work. I’m trying to get the i2c firmware onto an Arduino Uno. Unfortunately, I’m encountering Can't configure device. Did you remember to set your backpack into config mode? after flash complete when running interchange install node-pixel -a uno

I’ve tried lifting D2 w/ 5v, but it doesn’t change the behavior. By installing hc-sr04 firmware, I was able to confirm that lifting D2 does in fact place the Uno in config mode. Any thoughts as to what might be going wrong?

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@hironroy I know exactly what is happening here - I had to remove the configuration code from the NodePixel firmware as part of a big refactor I did a couple of months ago. As such the current firmware can’t get configured by interchange. Having said that the only configuration that is relevant for node-pixel backpack is the setting of the I2C address.

This is why I haven’t re-integrated it as I feel like there might be another way to do this without needing all of the interchange library (which means less memory available for LEDs!) though I’m yet to work all of that through.

In the short term:

  • The I2C address is 0x42 by default.
  • You can change it in firmware/src/controller_src/backpack/backpack.ino at the top if you want to but you’ll need to rebuild the firmware manually (just run grunt build and then open up the firmware in arduino and flash manually).

Am going to open another ticket now that reintroduces this behaviour so close this off if this is sufficient answer for the moment.