ajenti: unable to load font awesome from dashboard

The server returns an internal server error when loading some CSS files from the dashboard page. The following are the list of file not being loaded and returning 500

  • resources/core/resources/vendor/fontawesome/css/all.min.css
  • resources/core/resources/vendor/fontawesome/css/v4-shims.css
  • resources/core/resources/vendor/pt-sans/styles/pt_sans.css

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I found the problem : Ajenti send a last-modified header to use the cache for css files if needed, and the date is formatted with the locale installed on the server. For RU or CN, this header then contains non-latin chars which is not allowed. So I just converted the date with en_us locale in order to send right headers.

I will test further and I hope this commit finally solves this issue.

I would not have found it by myself without your help, thanks for it.