react-native-i18n: react-native link does not work correctly

On iOS all fine. If device lang is ru then I see this locale. On android it is empty string. I’ve tested it on virtual device and real device.

See next code:

import I18n from 'react-native-i18n';
console.log('I18n', I18n);
2016-10-19 16 32 08

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@leventebalogh yes, it doesn’t work

FIXED! Just don’t use automatic setup via “link”. Check your for import of library and it’s initializaition

Same for me, I created some native libraries in the past (like this one) but react-native link has always worked out of the box for me on both Android and iOS.

Btw thank you @wachunei for all the support 😃

We encountered the same result as @wachunei, where we had to manually added lib for iOS.

RN 0.42.0rc, react-native-i18n 1.0.0.