alexa-skills-kit-sdk-for-nodejs: ```:tellWithPermissionCard``` returning SpeechletResponse as null

If I use the this.emit(':tellWithPermissionCard', "Message", ['read::alexa:household:list', 'write::alexa:household:list']); code within my custom skill the alexa skill fails with the error “Null SpeechletResponse” I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong since I’m assuming I’m following the correct format. Can someone help me?

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@arctouch-pedrocosta - it’s a pain, for sure, and the new lambda interface doesn’t help. So I never go near it now - once you get familiar with ask-cli your life will dramatically improve!

Do this once:

ask clone (then choose your skill)
once cloned, cd to (skill)/lambda/custom
npm install
npm update
cd ../../ (back to the root of your skill)
ask deploy -t lambda

Now you are running the latest sdk! And when you’ve edited your node code a bit, just do: ask deploy -t lambda takes about 5 seconds each time, no messing with zip files and uploading them.

Take an hour to get used to the ask-cli and you will save yourself tens of hours in the future 😃