share-note: [BUG] Massive gap between Banner header and note text

This has been happening a few times, not sure what triggers it:


Here are the conditions that apply:

  • The note has a banner
  • Show inline title is off to prevent duplication of the title, since:
  • The banner has a header (purple text)
  • I’ve added a --- divider to create spacing between the banner header and the start of the note text
    • Without this, then banner header overlaps the note text a bit (which is a separate issue)

I can get the note back to normal the following way:

  1. Remove the --- line and Share note
  2. Add the --- line back and Share note

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Once you figure out what specific combination of your note content + theme + CSS snippets + plugins + device + working process makes that issue occur, then I can figure out why Obsidian is exporting HTML like that and fix it 👍

Yeah, I will report back if I figure something out. It’s difficult, though, since I don’t upload on every change.