alacritty: no longer able to resize alacritty window

I’m not sure this is related to Alacritty OR NOT, but I updated to a recent build and now it is very difficult to resize the terminal window. This is new behavior and I don’t quite know if it’s related to a recent os changes elsewhere or because I updated my version of Alacritty.


OS: Linux Version: alacritty 0.13.0-dev (d83d5af2) Linux/BSD: Wayland, Mutter

[0.000001093s] [INFO ] [alacritty] Welcome to Alacritty
[0.000092546s] [INFO ] [alacritty] Version 0.13.0-dev (d83d5af2)
[0.000101200s] [INFO ] [alacritty] Running on Wayland
[0.000475675s] [INFO ] [alacritty] Configuration files loaded from:
[0.282348906s] [INFO ] [alacritty] Using EGL 1.5
[0.315138410s] [INFO ] [alacritty] Window scale factor: 1
[0.328862643s] [INFO ] [alacritty] Running on Mesa Intel(R) Graphics (RPL-S)
[0.328879618s] [INFO ] [alacritty] OpenGL version 4.6 (Core Profile) Mesa 23.2.1-1pop0~1699535617~22.04~6cd9a72~dev, shader_version 4.60
[0.328885038s] [INFO ] [alacritty] Using OpenGL 3.3 renderer
[0.338096740s] [INFO ] [alacritty] Cell size: 9 x 19
[0.338113744s] [INFO ] [alacritty] Padding: 5 x 5
[0.338117200s] [INFO ] [alacritty] Width: 1090, Height: 580
[0.338137208s] [INFO ] [alacritty] PTY dimensions: 30 x 120
[0.340336970s] [INFO ] [alacritty] Initialisation complete
[0.341720510s] [INFO ] [alacritty] Padding: 5 x 5
[0.341729865s] [INFO ] [alacritty] Width: 800, Height: 600
[0.357425306s] [INFO ] [alacritty] Padding: 5 x 5
[0.357452110s] [INFO ] [alacritty] Width: 1090, Height: 580

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I’m running Wayland on Ubuntu 22.04 and also lost the usual ability to resize with the latest update. unsetting WAYLAND_DISPLAY doesn’t do anything for me. I can right click on the titlebar and select resize and then drag the window bigger, but that is really inconvenient. At least I have a mechanism to work with so I can keep using Alacritty. I agree that the previous resize functionality was pretty flaky. (Sometimes it would work, and sometimes it took several tries and careful mouse positioning after it changed the cursor to get it aligned. Sometimes the cursor would get stuck with the resizing icon.)