alacritty: Mouse scrolling stops working after a while

I haven’t been able to work out a repro for this, but after some amount of time scrolling just ceases to work in Alacritty. I use tmux + vim all the time. No idea what triggers this, just thought I’d open the issue early to see if anyone else is running into it or has more ideas.

/cc @krishicks

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Just encountered this; also running tmux and neovim. The suggested tmux and nvim config resets have no effect.

A new alacritty instance will scroll one of the previously non-scrolling tmux/nvim sessions as expected, even as the same session continues to be non-scrollable in the old alacritty instance. I’ll leave these non-scrolling instances open for a day or two in case there’s more debug info available - just let me know what you’d like to see.

Lenovo W550s (Intel+nVidia: the Quadro with proprietary drivers is my default), Ubuntu 16.04, xfce, previously suspended (not usually an issue), two alacritty instances (each running for about a week). One potential hardware difference specific to today that I don’t think I’ve encountered since starting to use alacritty is reaching the “low power” threshold. Not sure whether Ubuntu tries to do anything helpful in that case.

I just had this happen for me when the window was resized. I use the tiling window manager i3.

I had two i3 windows open, one running virtualbox and one running tmux. When virtualbox exited it resized the tmux window to fill the remaining space. At that point scrolling was broken. There was no vim running in that pane, either, just alacritty.

set -g mouse on did nothing. (mouse-mode doesn’t exist in this version of tmux).

My tmux session has three panes, two of which are just alacritty and one which is vim. They all changed sizes, but the vim pane still has functioning scrolling.