alacritty: Faux Scrolling doesn't work

Which operating system does the issue occur on? osx 10.14

This is the configured scrolling section:

  history: 10000
  multiplier: 3
  faux_multiplier: 3
  auto_scroll: true

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I had a similar issue and tracked down the proble to the $LESS variable. My problem was odd because it only happened on my account, but not if I ssh’ed or su’ed. I had it set in my .bashrc export LESS="-F -X $LESS" The -X flag was the problem. I got rid of it and less works properly now.

The thing is - I am able to scroll, but not to “faux” scroll. meaning, if I have an app with a pager, and I scroll up - instead of the terminal triggering a scrollup from inside the app, it’ll scroll outside of it. Meaning, I’ll see the things I wrote on the terminal before opening the app.