alacritty: Fast Key Repeat and FiraCode Nerd Font make alacritty crash on macOS when resizing

If I put this

    family: FiraCode Nerd Font

in my alacritty.yml and I also set the keyboard key repeat speed to the maximum , when I long press cmd and = (usual key for making the font size bigger), after a little bit alacritty crashes on macOS, but only if it’s launched from the Finder.



OS: macOS Version: alacritty 0.5.0 (a6681e3)

Everything works fine if alacritty is launched with alacritty -vv or alacritty --print-events. Everything also works fine if the font is not FiraCode Nerd Font. Everything also works fine if the Key Repeat speed is not the very last.

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Much better, thanks. This is a duplicate of #4109 and fixed on the latest master.