alacritty: crashes when run


OS: Linux (20.04 pop os) Version: 0.4.3-rc1 Linux/BSD: X11/Wayland


crashes and outputs this thread ‘main’ panicked at ‘not yet implemented’, /root/.cargo/registry/src/ note: run with RUST_BACKTRACE=1 environment variable to display a backtrace.

I saw the same issue but it was closed without a solution.

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It is working now. I now in artix Linux. (Don’t know what made it work )

Should I close this issue or what?

As long as you’ve actually got drivers for your GPU, there should be an underlying issue regardless of being able to identify it. So no, you should not close this issue.

how to heck does this work with others, man this is pre-pre-alpha?

For most people it just works, your GPU just uses some API that isn’t supported. Which API that is, is why I’m asking you to provide the actual patched error message.

Most people using Alacritty are also able to apply a two line patch and get that going by just following our installation instructions, unfortunately following that lead seems to be mostly a waste of time here.

I can only recommend trying to switch between proprietary/free driver, that’s likely the only thing that might just work. For everything else the best way forward is likely to wait for someone else who is able to reproduce this so they can help with troubleshooting it.

Can you compile the latest master following the official installation instructions?

And by “yeah” you mean that works, or that’s what you’ve been doing already?

In which directory are you executing cargo? You should do so in the root of Alacritty’s repository, not in the alacritty directory.

I also copied in the original one(cargo.toml) from repo and appended it

Why? You shouldn’t have to do anything other than editing the alacritty/Cargo.toml file and changing the glutin line in your case to the following:

 glutin = { path = "/home/tusqasi/clones/glutin/glutin", features = ["serde"] }

Sorry my bad, but what is patching? how should I continue?

The snap is not maintained as far as I know, so I’m not sure what you installed there. If it doesn’t work when compiled from the latest master, it will probably not work any other way either.

Could you try compiling from source, but linking against the glutin version with my patch applied? You can do that by changing the dependency glutin = { version = "0.24.0", features = ["serde"] } in the alacritty/Cargo.toml to glutin = { path = "/path/to/patched/glutin", features = ["serde"] }. Make sure that you link to the glutin directory inside the glutin project repository, not just the root of the project.