alacritty: Crashes on start on Windows

After installing the latest version, Alacritty crashes on start with an error pop-up. I’ve tried running it with and without a config file but no luck. Any ideas?


OS: Windows 10 Version: 0.4.1 (installed via msi installer) Windows: ConPTY

Error output

Alacritty: Runtime Error

panicked at ‘assertion failed: (left == right) left: 1, right: 0’, C:\Users\travis.cargo\git\checkouts\winit-c2fdb27092aba5a7\d1c6506\src\platform_impl\windows\

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This should be fixed in the next release, we just need to wait for another version of our winit depedency (see

I’m running Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 1809 and got the same problem. It is the latest version of Windows in LTSC channel so it couldn’t be upgraded. Since 1809 is the latest version in LTSC channel, I think it should be supported.

We tested the patch on several OS versions and were satisfied that it worked correctly from April 2018 update onwards iirc.

I’ll have another read through and @Number7tSeven may come back with a patch that I’ll ask you to try (if I can’t get an old vm running)

It was the Cargo part that was tripping me up. I will have to do a little research on my own.

I’ve built it and Alacritty seems to be working like normal. Thank you for all of your effort!

You just have to apply the following patch to Alacritty:

diff --git a/Cargo.toml b/Cargo.toml
index 415ceb9..67d8b03 100644
--- a/Cargo.toml
+++ b/Cargo.toml
@@ -13,3 +13,4 @@ incremental = false
 servo-freetype-sys = { path = "servo-freetype-proxy" }
+winit = { git = "", branch = "fix-windows-assert" }

Just put that into a file and run git apply <file>, or since it’s just a single line you can also apply it easily by hand.

Thanks for helping out with testing, it’s much appreciated. 😃

@chrisduerr, I built it and I am still getting the same error on my machine that I originally posted about.

👍 will see what I can find later when I investigate

Thanks. I can understand if you don’t want to support older versions of Windows though.

That’s a file I helped with in winit so I’ll help figure this one out.

@Number7tSeven what Windows 10 version are you running? (e.g. Insiders Fast Ring, October 2018 update, etc)