alacritty: Coloured Output and Line Refreshing Not Working with Gradle on Windows 10

Which operating system does the issue occur on? Windows 10

If on linux, are you using X11 or Wayland? N/A

Version: Alacritty 0.2.3 (from GitHub releases)

Shells Used: cmd, powershell, Git Bash



As in title, the coloured output from Gradle does not appear to be working. It also does not appear to be refreshing the existing line; instead, it writes new lines as Gradle produces output (along with other characters, which I am guessing are meant to be the colour codes). Coloured output seems to be working fine for other programs e.g. git, chocolatey, cargo.

On their own, cmd and powershell handle the coloured output correctly; Git Bash does not show any colour. But when run via Alacritty, this issue appears regardless of what shell I used.

I encountered this issue when I was upgrading from an older version of Alacritty (before prebuilt binaries were available as GitHub releases, I think the AppVeyor version was around 1.0.16x), although I did use the newly provided alacritty.yml and just ported my window sizing, colours and shell configuration over to it.

GIFs demonstrating the issue (can quickly be tested by making a new project using gradle init, then using gradle build, and stopping the running daemon using gradle --stop in between each test): Imgur Album

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Setting that causes the issue to appear again, so it looks like its related to Gradle rather than Alacritty. You can probably go close this issue then; thanks for helping me find what was causing the problem.

Adding TERM: cygwin in the config did change the value of the TERM variable (which can be seen when running env), both on dba3ccc and 0.2.3. So this wasn’t meant to happen?