alacritty: Colors from config file not working on Ubuntu

For colors, only the background-color and maybe cursor color seems to load from the alacritty.yml config file (other things like font-size and padding is behaving as expected).


OS: Linux/Ubuntu Mate 18.04.3 LTS 64-bit (no WM) Version: 0.4.0

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@atelierbram I don’t understand you. You said that escape sequence gave you the right color. Then it’s using the colors from config. What are you using to test colors? ls?

Yes, this does show some colors

So colors are working correctly then.

don’t know where they come from

Colors in ls are taken from the LS_COLORS environment variable and populated with reasonable defaults if that is missing.

I’d assume that whatever you were using previously was either setting their own variables (which is a bad idea), or using something like dircolors (which is too old and doesn’t work with Alacritty).

@atelierbram , there was a typo, you should run echo -e "\e[31mTEST", the color of TEST should be your red color from a config.

The string you’re echoing is an “escape sequence”, the '\e[31m" thing tells us to draw everything in red after it.

Clicking on the Alacritty icon gives me the app, … so there is some shell running inside of it, … Bash?

Alacritty is just a terminal emulator. So clicking on an icon just runs your default shell in it (unless you’ve changed it to run a different program). We’re just rendering things for you, no more, no less.