goneovim: neovim flatpak - executable file not found

i am installed neovim from flathub, and i can’t make it works with goneovim

➜ ./goneovim

exec: "nvim": executable file not found in $PATH
➜ ./goneovim "nvim=flatpak run io.neovim.nvim"

exec: "nvim": executable file not found in $PATH
➜ echo "flatpak run io.neovim.nvim" | sudo tee /bin/nvim
➜ sudo chmod +x /bin/nvim
➜ ./goneovim

fork/exec /usr/bin/nvim: exec format error

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my problem was that i accidentally inserted an empty line at the beginning of the file

i changed




now it works, thanks @shiena

i am closing this issue, but #431 is still actual

I found a flatpak package for neovide, another neovim GUI. This package includes neovim and resolves path issues. I believe that packaging goneovim in a similar way would also solve path issues. https://github.com/deisi/flathub/tree/neovide

@shiena, I didn’t know it was possible

when you run a flatpak via flatpak run, it runs in isolation from the system, and it has other paths to configs

i wouldn’t recommend running flatpaks without flatpak run, because then it will not be isolated, and the wrong config paths will be used

@gmankab I was able to run goneovim with the following command.

goneovim --nvim=$HOME/.local/share/flatpak/exports/bin/io.neovim.nvim

Ok, I understand the fact of the problem. I will try to make a flatpak package for goneovim If I make the time.

perhaps packing goneovim in flatpak with neovim binary included will solve the problem