goneovim: goneovim window does not close with latest neovim releases

Steps to reproduce:

Expected: file saved, then goneovim closed Problem: goneovim window isn’t closed. The neovim process (ps ax) does not exist, but goneovim process still exists.

It is not goneovim specific, nvui also has it, but not nvim-qt. Seems, something changed in nvim API.

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@akiyosi I found that problem xsel process ran by jobstart command from runtime/autoload/provider/clipboard.vim (from neovim package):

let jobid = jobstart(selection.argv, selection)

@akiyosi I see /usr/bin/xsel --nodetach -i -p in ps ax output when goneovim exits. This command tries copy selection to primary buffer, but, seems, the selection is empty, so goneovim can’t exit, because of it waits xsel finishes. If double click (i.e., select something) on any word, for example, in a terminal, goneovim immediately exits.