[tmux-resurrect] Cache broken on restoring (Error ` The keymap 'vi_imap' is empty.`)

ble version: 0.4.0-devel3+750ca38 Bash version: 5.0.17(1)-release (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)

I am getting The keymap 'vi_imap' is empty. after restoring my tmux session, and is not loading.

I am also unable to see any key press in the terminal, unless I do tput reset

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I actually cannot reproduce it anymore. Not sure why.

But, yesterday the steps mentioned at Q1 would reproduce it. I will try again tomorrow.

Q2: Does the problem occur without ~/.inputrc?

Removing inputrc also is not reproducing it.

Hi, I have set up tmux-resurrect using tpm, saved a session with <kbd>prefix</kbd><kbd>C-s</kbd>, and restored <kbd>prefix</kbd><kbd>C-r</kbd>, but it just works without problems. I have questions:

  • Q1: Could you describe the precise procedure to reproduce the problem? I have tried <kbd>prefix C-s</kbd> (save session) <kbd>prefix C-r</kbd> (restore session) <kbd>prefix c</kbd> (create new window), but there seems to be no problems.

  • Q2: Does the problem occur without ~/.inputrc?

    $ cd
    $ mv .inputrc .inputrc.backup20210515
    $ tmux

    Try to reproduce the problem, e.g. <kbd>prefix C-s</kbd><kbd>prefix C-r</kbd><kbd>prefix c</kbd>, etc.

    After testing you can restore the .inputrc file.

    $ cd
    $ mv .inputrc.backup20210515 .inputrc
  • Q3: Does the problem occur without any configuration in .bashrc other than Similarly to the .inputrc case, you can rename your .bashrc to the temporary one, create a new ~/.bashrc with a single line source /path/to/ --norc, start tmux session, save and restore the state using tmux-resurrect. After the testing, you can restore your original .bashrc.

Thank you! OK… the cache file becomes indeed empty by tmux-resurrect. It’s really puzzling that the cache file is affected by the resurrection… I’ll try to find what’s happening.

For the time being, If you want to soon use, you can just delete the file $_ble_base_cache/ every time when the problem started to happen.