Slow when typing ** [condition: shopt -s globstar]

Hi there,

I’m having some problems when typing **, specially on large directories. I assume this could be something to do with fzf feature of **, however I don’t have this feature enabled (I think) . In this example I’m typing and it takes too long to write what I typed:


In cases of very large directories (with lots of entries) it will hand the shell. Is it possible to disable this behavior by default ?

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  • Highlighting blocked by globstar
  • Completion blocked by globstar
  • Highlighting with globstar significantly slower than command execution
    • Caused by multiple pathname expansions for each path segment
  • Input is slow even with bleopt highlight_timeout_sync=0 by async highlighting
    • Related to the cumulated timeouts in one pass of highlighting
  • Slow TAB completion with globstar highlighted already
  • Crash/hang on TAB completion
    • Unknown condition. Reproduced a few times at @akinomyoga side
    • conditional-sync is suspicious because there is always a subshell when it occurred.
  • Tilde prevents pathname expansions for highlighting
  • Input/completion speed is linked with the size of expanded results

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Hi there, sorry for not saying anything anymore. I haven’t had time/energy to check this and do the changes we mentioned. I think you can close this issue now since performance for globstar is quite good imo Cheers 👍