ajenti: I keep getting "Invalid URL" when trying to access admin page (Agenti 1.x)

I used the quick and easy way wget -O- https://raw.github.com/ajenti/ajenti/1.x/scripts/install-ubuntu.sh | sudo sh. I was uninstalling Agenti Core and 2 because I found that Agenti 1.x is what I needed. Now I can’t seem to get 1.x working properly.

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@ranyyy now try sudo apt-get install python-setuptools python-dev gcc and easy_install -U gevent==1.1b3

This helped for me

I seem to have found a solution:

Replace all references to gevent.coros with gevent.lock in /ajenti/plugins/main/main.py.

Note, I fixed this by

pip uninstall ajenti
pip install ajenti

I had the same issue. Can testify that SerhiyRomanov’s suggestion on Jan 4 worked for me.