TagUI: Unexpected token '/' - old syntax and outdated TagUI version, try new TagUI and this

I wanted to automate by doing a program but this happened, But This errors give me headache…

SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘/’

phantomjs://code/updateresults.tag.js:1582 in injectJs phantomjs://code/bootstrap.js:456

The Code is as follows:

// Upadate results on icmr website

// login to icmr cvstatus page tagui login.tag

// Goto cvstatus website https://cvstatus.icmr.gov.in/

// type user name type username as uname

// type password type passwd as pwd

//click on login button click login_btn

// load csv file

file_rows= [] csv_file= ‘result.csv’ load ‘+csv_file+’ to lines file_rows = lines.split(‘\n’)

for i from 1 to file_rows.length-1 {

// check data from file

row=[] row=file_rows[i].split(‘,’)

if row[13] equal to 1 record = row[1] + “\n Positive results recorded.” write record to failed.txt echo record continue

// click on Add Record from SRF Portal

click Add Record from SRF Portal

// type SRF ID
type srf_id as row[1]

// click Search button

click btn

// passing row data of csv to dom_json

dom_json={ recno:i,name:row[2], pid:row[3], sid:row[4], rdate:row[5], stype:row[6], sdate:row[7], kit:row[8], tdate:row[9], egene:row[10], orf:row[11], rdrp:row[12], fresult:row[13] }

// opens the next page to edit wait for 3 seconds to load the page … wait for another 5 sec if delayed in loading the next page wait 3

if url() not equal to “https://cvstatus.icmr.gov.in/add_record.php” { echo “page not yet loaded” wait 5 record = row[1] +“\n SRF ID could not open. Already fetched probably.” write record to failed.txt echo record continue } dom begin var flg=0 var tmp if(document.getElementById(“patient_name”).value != dom_json.name) { flg=1 } if(flg==0) { document.getElementById(“patient_id”).value= dom_json.pid document.getElementById(“sample_id”).value = dom_json.sid document.getElementById(“sample_rdate”).value = dom_json.rdate document.getElementById(“sample_tdate”).value = dom_json.tdate document.getElementById(“sample_type”).selectedIndex = dom_json.stype document.getElementById(“date_of_onset_of_symptoms”).value = dom_json.sdate document.getElementById(“testing_kit_used”).selectedIndex = dom_json.kit document.getElementById(“covid19_result_egene”).selectedIndex= dom_json.egene document.getElementById(“orf1b_confirmatory”).selectedIndex= dom_json.orf document.getElementById(“rdrp_confirmatory”).selectedIndex= dom_json.rdrp document.getElementById(“final_result_of_sample”).selectedIndex= dom_json.fresult if(dom_json.recno==1) { var disp="\nPatient_id : "+ document.getElementById(“patient_id”).value disp+= "\nSample_id : "+ document.getElementById(“sample_id”).value disp+= "\nSample recieved Date : "+ document.getElementById(“sample_rdate”).value disp+= "\nSample tested Date : "+ document.getElementById(“sample_tdate”).value disp+= "\nSample Type : " + document.getElementById(“sample_type”).selectedOptions[0].innerText disp+= "\nSymptom Date : " + document.getElementById(“date_of_onset_of_symptoms”).value disp+= "\nTesting kit : " + document.getElementById(“testing_kit_used”).selectedOptions[0].innerText disp+= "\nResult Egene : "+ document.getElementById(“covid19_result_egene”).selectedOptions[0].innerText disp+= "\norf1b_confirmatory : "+ document.getElementById(“orf1b_confirmatory”).selectedOptions[0].innerText disp+= "\nrdrp_confirmatory : "+ document.getElementById(“rdrp_confirmatory”).selectedOptions[0].innerText disp+= "\nFinal Result : "+ document.getElementById(“final_result_of_sample”).selectedOptions[0].innerText disp+= “\nPlease press Cancel to stop further submissions” var tmp= confirm(“verify data submitted”+disp) if(!tmp) flg=2 }

return flg

dom finish

if dom_result equal to 2 echo HALTED break

if dom_result equals to 1 record = row[1] + “\n Patient Name” write record to failed.txt echo record else frecord = row[1] write frecord to success.txt echo "page updated for "+frecord

// click submit button to save changes click btn

// wait for 3 sec to submit the data and reload the page for next iteration wait 3 }

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@amit018-hub Would also like to add on that, I noticed you included the login credentials to the portal when uploading your flow file here at Github. I hope it is some test account / test site that does not return any actual patient info. If you have overlooked and this is your actual account to the database, it is best if you remove the login credentials here and reset your password to that website ASAP.

Cheers, Ruth

The echo output looks correct -


Please see attached file. Below runs for me. I think the problem is because within dom begin and finish, you should not do indentation. I added an if block. You can try this or you remove the 1 level of indentation for all the lines in dom begin/finish.