TagUI: Unexpected result from loop in tagui - refer to example / doc for syntax

I use a simple code describing basic usage of a loop in tagui but the result is unexpected. Could you help me understand what went wrong and how to fix this? I tried to replicate basic example from that website: https://www.rpa-sg.org/TagUI-Commands/for.php

for (n=0; n<10; n+=2) { echo "n = " + n }

Expected result: n = 0 n = 2 n = 4 n = 6 n = 8

Actual result captured from the log: START - automation started - Thu Sep 12 2019 14:06:53 GMT+0200 (Romance Daylight Time) n = 10 FINISH - automation finished - 0.3s

My Java version is 1.8.0_152. Java Hotspot™ 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.152-b16, mixed mode).

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Just in case you want to avoid users thinking the bug is from tagUI; I guess there must a function removing special characters from strings before applying conversion to JAVA. Personally I didn’t think it could be a bug considering how trivial a loop is supposed to be but that could a turnover in the future for users sharing more complex code on the web and facing unexpected errors.

I am very grateful of you sharing this and I’ll continue to test tagUI to see if it can be a good fit for my needs.

And yes I am from Europe (Belgium) 😉