WLED: Using Mbi6033 with WLED (Blinking and Empty Data problem)

I want to control led strips thanks to WLED with mbi6033, a chip that was added to the NPB library some time ago.

It is a chip that uses mbi6033 dta+clk, added to the neopixelbus library. I’ve come to a certain point by making some changes to the wled code. But I can’t solve flickering and empty color bytes.

mbi6033 asks for header information first and then uses 48 bit color. In the form of G 16 + B16 + R16. However, the first large byte of this 16-bit is always empty. I added in the picture.

The method we used in the bus_wrapper section was added this way. #define B_HS_DOT_3 NeoPixelBusLg<NeoRbg48Feature, Mbi6033Method, NeoGammaNullMethod>

The data shown in the image below represent: Color = White , brightness = full (from wled control panel) 16bit4 white data

The data shown in the image below represent: single color, full brightness 16bit3

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Let’s say it is scheduled for 0.15 release. Ok? 😄

Could a schedule be specified for 0.15 release?

Considering that all developers are doing WLED in their spare time (hobby), it’s very hard to give any dates. 😉 “it’s ready once we consider it well-done”.

I think all we can say today is

  • 0.14.0 is still beta and not ready to be released
  • 0.15.0 will come after 0.14.x