ag-grid: frameworkComponents don't accept props

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Current behavior

I cannot pass a React component to the GridOptions.frameworkComponents attribute. My component accepts props, while the data definition states that props cannot be accepted.

Expected behavior

My React component should be able to accept props in its constructor.

Minimal reproduction of the problem with instructions

                derivative_cell_renderer: MyComponentWithProps
            gridOptions={{...this.gridOptions, columnDefs: this.props.get_columns()}}>


What is the motivation / use case for changing the behavior?

I would like to provide a custom Cell Renderer React Component

Please tell us about your environment:

Developing in Debian 8 virtualbox

  • ag-Grid version: X.X.X


  • Browser:

Chrome is the browser.

  • Language: [all | TypeScript X.X | ES6/7 | ES5]



frameworkComponent definition looks like this: frameworkComponents?: { [p: string]: { new (): any; }; };

And I would like it to look like this: frameworkComponents?: { [p: string]: { new (): any; } | { new (props: any): any }; };

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Hi, @MaxMillington were you able to find the docs? I am using AG-Grid React and trying to pass props to a custom Framework component. Thanks

Update: I have tried to change \node_modules\ag-grid-community\dist\lib\entities\gridOptions.d.ts to frameworkComponents?: { [p: string]: { new (...args: any[]): any }; };

seems all works fine, compiled and service injected properly