ag-grid: Can't import the named export 'Component' from non EcmaScript module

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Providing a Reproducible Scenario

After updating to the latest ag-grid community version and the react wrapper and doing a clean npm i both npm run and npm build fail with the below mentioned error message.

Neither starting local development nor building the CRA app is possible anymore. This has worked flawlessly before upgrading.

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Current behavior

Can't import the named export 'Component' from non EcmaScript module (only default export is available)

Expected behavior

npm run start or npm run build should work

Please tell us about your environment:


  • AG Grid version: X.X.X

“ag-grid-community”: “^30.0.3”, “ag-grid-react”: “^30.0.4”,

  • Browser:


  • Language: [all | TypeScript X.X | ES6/7 | ES5]


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I’ll be providing a fuller answer soon but unfortunately this looks like something that will require react-scripts 5.x and either a “patch” to react-dom or ejecting the project and making a webpack configuration change.

This is an issue with react (fixed in 18 but not backported) - I’ve spent some time trying to see if I could change things to prevent the need for the above but I’m afraid I can’t.

The “fix” is either:

(adding "react-dom/server": "react-dom/server.js", as an alias entry)

  • Eject your project and add "react-dom/server": "react-dom/server.js", as an alias entry

Unfortunately both of these changes will require react-scripts 5.x

If you provide a repo I’ll be happy to take a look - as it stands I’m afraid there’s not really enough information to go on

Sure, I have forked @mbzzt repo (many thanks @mbzzt) and adapted to repro my case:

Edit: notable change is that we are still at react-scripts 4.0.3 instead of 5.0.1 and we can’t upgrade at the moment