ag-grid: [bug 24.1.0] autoHeight not working anymore (react)

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Providing a Reproducible Scenario I am not providing a reproducible scenario, because you are not taking your time to look at it (We can see it here) Thank you for that.

Current behavior autoHeight is not working anymore with version 24.1.0. It was working with 24.0.0 image

Expected behavior The row should expand image

Please tell us about your environment: react 16.13.1, I am using cellRendererFramework

  • ag-Grid version: 24.1.0

  • Browser: Chrome and firefox

  • Language: [TypeScript 3.9.7| ES5]

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not working “anymore” LOL. this has been broken for a few version now. Ag-Grid. My company has been a paying customer for 2 years now and this issue has yet to be fixed. Your requests to put these bugs into your own system is BS; most developers do not have direct access to the username and password for these issues. If we are paying for your product, we also expect to be paying for these services. Please stop closing out issues when they are clearing still issues AND make the effort to add these bugs to your pipeline yourself. If this practice of closing bugs with boilerplate text doesn’t change; I’ll be lobbying extremely hard in the next couple of months to move away from you.

@Paul6552 Thanks for the time putting together the reproducible scenario! We are looking at this now, let us come back to you with more information as soon as possible

And apologies if we have caused any frustration on your end!


Hi There,

I am head of support on ag-grid, as mentioned in this ticket:

We are going to change our approach when giving support through gitHub, I’ll include the relevant bits from that ticket above

Thanks for all the feedback! We are taking this on board!

Before anything else, let me assure you guys that whatever your impression is of ag-grid as a company is nothing like what I can see you guys describing there, but this means to me that we are not doing a good job with comms on github MY BAD!

ag-grid is basically a company formed by a bunch of programmers, me including! And being part of the open-source community is something we take very seriously!

From today I will make sure that we do a better job replying to the github issues!

Instead of closing an incomplete issue, request more information and leave it open for others to join in and collaborate (eventually it might become complete enough to where you will work on it, or perhaps someone from the community will submit a PR).

Will do!

Make sure you at least respond with a single sentence to every PR that you close without merging, stating the reason why you didn’t merge it. That’s common courtesy.

Will do!

Stop closing PRs and fixing the issues yourselves. Why not just save yourself the work and give people some credit for actually taking the time to fix it? It literally takes you a minute to merge something.

Will raise this, the problem we have with the PRs is that our build is not easy to run, so that is why we do it manually

Stop spamming your own issues with useless comments saying that you don’t provide support here. Just leave them be instead, people will understand.

Will do!