git-updater: "Current branch is..." showing wrong branch

I created a test repository here: Dummy plugin with two branches, master and develop.

  1. I installed my plugin via github updater into a local dev site running WP version 4.6-beta1-37941.
  2. I did not set a branch, so it defaults to master.
  3. From the Plugins screen, I clicked on “try another branch” and selected develop.
  4. It re-installed properly with the correct files from the correct branch.
  5. Back at the Plugin screen, it says “Current branch is master, …”.

This is inaccurate. I confirmed the files that exist are indeed from develop and not from master.

Any more info I can provide let me know.

I really love this plugin, and I want to use it, but this is an inconvenient stopper for me.

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After using this for a while, I have noticed that, as I expected, when you open a new branch, update the branch header, commit, and then merge back (whether it be back into develop or master), the branch header is overridden, every time, from the branch I’m merging into it.

You’re saying you don’t have this issue? I can’t understand how you don’t. If I make a commit in a new branch, and part of that commit is to modify the branch header line, why wouldn’t it affect the branch I’m merging into?

To my knowledge, there is no way to “skip” that line in a merge. If it’s in the commit, it’s coming over. I am forced to add an extra commit every time I merge branches, to fix the header. This really messes up tagging.

I’m really curious as to how you’ve avoided this issue.