git-updater: Conflicting Update available from WordPress Plugin Directory

I receive a plugin ‘new versions available’ from the WordPress Updates screen for a similarly named plugin from the public WordPress Plugin Directory after all qualified GitHub updates have been applied. Even with the define( 'GITHUB_UPDATER_EXTENDED_NAMING', true ); set in . my wp-config.php.


I installed a test plugin named ‘wordpress-plugin’ via the GitHub Updater interface from a private repo. Installed it has the directory naming of <git>-<owner>-<repo>. The plugin has the ‘GitHub Plugin URI’ as required and it detects version increments as expected but apparently, there is a plugin on the Plugin Directory that matches the name ‘wordpress-plugin’ with a version number greater than my test plugin version and after applying any GitHub Updater updates I receive notice of pending updates from the Plugin Directory version.

I thought the extended naming was supposed to help avoid this naming collision. Or is there something I am missing?

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Correct. All constants for settings have been removed. BTW they have been removed for quite a while now.

The above referenced KB page has the best information. If there’s something unclear please let me know.

I think I fixed for theme collisions too. 🤓

Hello, thanks for the quick response. I have just taken a look at the latest update and it seems to solve the issue and no longer prompts me to update from the even if I remove the GITHUB_UPDATER_OVERRIDE_DOT_ORG constant. Idk if that is what is intended. (I think maybe the conflicting plugin wordpress-plugin was removed, I can no longer find it.

On another note, when installing a different plugin with a conflicting name without the GITHUB_UPDATER_OVERRIDE_DOT_ORG constant set to true the Updater compares the plugin to the Plugin Directory until the constant is added, at which point it compares it to GitHub. So that seems to jive with my understanding of the intended behavior.