AFLplusplus: afl-cov error on AFL++ output directory

Hi . Sorry to open-up the issue here, it was not possible to open the issue at the afl-cov github (vanhauser-thc version) I am using to measure the line coverage on an app that is fuzzed with afl++ .

I’m basically using the to facilitate the process, using or afl-cov will actually results in a error .

I’m using the command :

~/afl-cov/ /home/samstack/fuzzing-targets/tiff-4.0.4-cov/output1/default "/home/samstack/fuzzing-targets/tiff-4.0.4-cov/tools/tiffinfo @@"

and error :

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/samstack/afl-cov/afl-cov", line 1227, in <module>
  File "/home/samstack/afl-cov/afl-cov", line 80, in main
    if not validate_cargs(cargs):
  File "/home/samstack/afl-cov/afl-cov", line 949, in validate_cargs
    if not is_gcov_enabled(cargs):
  File "/home/samstack/afl-cov/afl-cov", line 922, in is_gcov_enabled
    if not cargs.disable_gcov_check and is_bin_gcov_enabled(part, cargs):
  File "/home/samstack/afl-cov/afl-cov", line 846, in is_bin_gcov_enabled
    False, cargs, WANT_OUTPUT, False, "")[1]:
  File "/home/samstack/afl-cov/afl-cov", line 727, in run_cmd
    with open(, 'r', 'rb') as f:
TypeError: an integer is required (got type str)

Help wanted!

It seems that is a problem with python scripts.

I am looking for a solution to this.



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as @domenukk pointed out to me @MegaManSec fix is not good, so I went back and tried to fix it correctly. please test. this showed to me again that python is pretty much crap … but thats life.

no it was my fault as me as a python n00b tried to do a better fix than @MegaManSec but failed 😃 This just happened 10h ago 😃 I now switched to his fix - can you please check if it works for you guys?

line 727, change this: with open(, ‘r’, ‘rb’) as f: to this: with open(, ‘r’) as f:

this is my fault sorry 😄 it will be fixed soon