AFLplusplus: afl-cmin tests fail on NetBSD/FreeBSD/OpenBSD

Thanks to our new tests, a misfunction of afl-cmin is revealed on NetBSD (and probably other BSDs as well).

First issue is that afl-cmin is unnecessarily bound to bash instead of the more common bourne shell. (This is more complicated than I thought). The script relies on associative arrays later on.

Second issue is a failure of afl-showmap that I have not yet further debugged. Manually running AFL_CMIN_ALLOW_ANY=1 ../afl-showmap -m 100 -t none -o in2/.traces/.run_test -- ./test-instr.plain <in/in gives

afl-showmap++2.60d by Michal Zalewski
[*] Executing './test-instr.plain'...

-- Program output begins --
Cannot map anonymous memoryCannot allocate memory: Cannot allocate memory
-- Program output ends --

[-] PROGRAM ABORT : No instrumentation detected
         Location : main(), src/afl-showmap.c:729

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Why not python3? We already use it for many things here. (I’m a late millenial guys, for me perl is just an obfuscated version of python)

do you have a link for this claim (perl on NetBSD being absent, and for adoption) please?

perl is only in pkgsrc, not in the base system it just a matter of fact.

perl’s market share is shrinking and there is nothing substantial in base that would require it nowadays. I don’t recall anybody over years (since 6.1) even evaluating inclusion of Perl.