GW2-Elite-Insights-Parser: Unknown Skills - Outgoing Healing

The following skills are listed as unknown in Player Healing Summary>Outgoing Healing. As discussed on Discord, some may be due to differing versions of the Healing-Stat addon. However as example, Med Blaster was unknown on half the wvw fights on 6/21 and I was the only heal scrapper in squad with Healing-Stats Addon,

Request a review for potential override methodology to ensure proper identification.

ID Current Name Proposed Skill Name Current Icon Proposed Icon
29997 UNKNOWN Healing Prism Healing_Prism
30235 UNKNOWN Med Blaster Unknown Med_Blaster
43759 UNKNOWN Sand Cascade Sand_Cascade
40774 UNKNOWN Sand Flare Sand_Flare
30564 UNKNOWN Soothing Detonation Unknown Soothing_Detonation
5981 UNKNOWN Turret Heal Unknown Healing_Turret
13980 UNKNOWN Windborne Notes Windborne_Notes

Two logs that contain the above skills:

Testing screenshots of live logs related to Med Blaster, Soothing Detonation, Turret Heal:

MedBlaster SoothingDetonation 5981SkillID

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skillID 29236 is doing 2.3+ times the average healing of skillID 55047 based on that I assumed skillID 29236 was the centaur invoked version. Don’t believe I can get the timing from what i have available in extHealingStats, buffUptime[states] and rotation to do a deeper dive.



html log reviewed: json log reviewed: zevtc log: