microsoft-authentication-library-for-objc: iOS 13 failure

Running the iOS sample app on iOS 12.4 works fine. However while running it on iOS 13.0 phones gives the following error:

Error Domain=MSALErrorDomain Code=-50000 “(null)” UserInfo={MSALErrorDescriptionKey=application did not receive response from broker., MSALInternalErrorCodeKey=-42700}

This error is returned in the completion block of the call to:

- (void)acquireTokenWithParameters:(nonnull MSALInteractiveTokenParameters *)parameters
                   completionBlock:(nonnull MSALCompletionBlock)completionBlock;

I have the same issue using the sample app provided as well

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@AntonPieter, please make sure you configured keychain sharing correctly, as described in step nr 3 here: The log indicates that you’re facing keychain permission issues.