microsoft-authentication-library-for-js: The token request could not be fetched from the cache correctly. Error Detail: TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of null

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  • msal@1.x.x or @azure/msal@1.x.x
  • @azure/msal-browser@2.6.1
  • @azure/msal-node@1.x.x
  • @azure/msal-react@1.x.x
  • @azure/msal-angular@0.x.x
  • @azure/msal-angular@1.x.x
  • @azure/msal-angular@2.x.x
  • @azure/msal-angularjs@1.x.x

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Seeing some logs in our application showing the error The token request could not be fetched from the cache correctly. Error Detail: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of null errorCode: token_request_cache_error

If it gives a clue, a user that faced this error was also facing error: AADSTS501481: The Code_Verifier does not match the code_challenge supplied in the authorization request. Could the two be related?

Error Message

The token request could not be fetched from the cache correctly. Error Detail: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of null


  • Is this issue security related?


  • Did this behavior work before? Version: Not sure…

MSAL Configuration

    const browser = Bowser.getParser(window.navigator.userAgent);
    const isIEOrOldEdge =
      browser.satisfies({ edge: "<79" }) || browser.getBrowserName().toLowerCase() === "internet explorer";
    const publicClientApp = new PublicClientApplication({
      auth: {
        clientId: this.clientId,
        authority: this.authority,
        redirectUri: this.loginRedirectUri,
        postLogoutRedirectUri: this.postLogoutRedirectUri
      cache: {
        cacheLocation: "localStorage",
        storeAuthStateInCookie: isIEOrOldEdge //
      system: {
        tokenRenewalOffsetSeconds: 60,
        iframeHashTimeout: 30000, // iframe is used to refresh the refresh_token as it has a 24h lifetime
        loggerOptions: {
          loggerCallback: MsalAuthContext.msalLoggerCallback,
          piiLoggingEnabled: false,
          logLevel: LogLevel.Verbose
    const handleRedirectPromise = publicClientApp
      .then(response => {
        this.account = response ? response.account : this.getAccount();
        if (!this.account) {
          return this.publicClientApp.loginRedirect({
            scopes: this.scopes,
            authority: this.authority,
            extraQueryParameters: this.safeRolloutQueryParams,
            redirectStartPage: returnUrl
        } else {
        return undefined;
      .catch(error => {
        if (error instanceof AuthError) {
    return { publicClientApp, handleRedirectPromise };

Reproduction steps

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Expected behavior

No TypeError


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@hectormmg thanks for following up, we have upgraded our msal-browser version from 2.6.1 to 2.11.0. As of right now, we do not see any instances of “token_request_cache_error” for users running v2.11.0. So far it looks good! I’ll let you know if I do see the error again in v2.11.0 Cheers!

@thoo1 Since I have not been able to reproduce this I can’t say for sure but we recently made some improvements to how the temporary cache works during a request which may solve this issue. We plan to release 2.10.1 next week, I’d give that a shot and if it’s still happening reach out to me on Teams and we can try to debug.

@thoo1 In this case it’s specifically complaining about the codeVerifier being either wrong or missing. Which is likely also due to the fact that you seem to be having issues getting the cached request. I believe all of these issues share the same root cause.