microsoft-authentication-library-for-js: popup flow broken in full-screen macOS

Core Library

MSAL.js v2 (@azure/msal-browser)

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It seems that using the loginPopup function does not work properly on full-screen mode on macOS. The popup never get closed and the flow fails silently. When the browser is not in full-screen mode, it always works as expected.

This issue has already been reported in #4839 but even with the library version 2.26.0, it’s still not working. We also tried to follow those instructions but without success.

This example also fails in the same way.

Error Message

We don’t get any error neither in the parent window nor the popup.

Msal Logs

Navigated to Navigated to Navigated to

MSAL Configuration

const msalConfig = {
  auth: {
    clientId: 'bbeb7747-ff22-4d91-b4d1-5847e7986bf4',
    authority: '',
    redirectUri: '',

Relevant Code Snippets

const loginRequest = {
  scopes: ['User.Read', 'email', 'profile', 'openid'],

const msalInstance = new PublicClientApplication(msalConfig);
const loginResponse = await msalInstance.loginPopup(loginRequest);
const tokenResponse = await msalInstance.acquireTokenSilent(loginRequest);

Reproduction Steps

  1. Open the application in full-screen browser
  2. Click the Sign in button
  3. After being redirected to new tab, log in into Microsoft and accept the permission requested by the app

Expected Behavior

After the authentication, the popup is closed and the control is yield back to the parent window.

Identity Provider

Azure AD / MSA

Browsers Affected (Select all that apply)

Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari


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@Cambencoil Hey,

You need to create:

  1. blank.html, this should be just empty html file image

  2. Add redirectUri to this blank.html file

const msal = new PublicClientApplication({
  auth: {
    clientId: 'id',
    authority: 'authority',
    redirectUri: '/blank.html',
    postLogoutRedirectUri: '/'


It works for me for the VUE project.

@yoLotus Sorry for the wait. We are investigating this issue on our end and will get back with a resolution . We are able to reproduce this issue on Mac in full screen - Safari and Chrome. It seems that the hash is lost in redirection, which is leading to the error listed above. Checking with the team for potential solution, thanks so much for your patience

@yoLotus I am currently looking into this , thanks for your patience!

Thanks @KosKosovuch ! it did fix the issue on our side 👏🏽


i still have the issue : popup flow broken in full-screen macOS it’s been 3 months. Does anyone could help me?

@jo-arroyo Looks like this is duplicate of #5123, can we close one of them?