microsoft-authentication-library-for-js: Token renewal operation failed due to timeout(React).

Hi, i am using this library(msal@1.2.1) in my react project for authentication. I am trying loginRedirect, after that i am trying silent token. I am facing this issue

Token renewal operation failed due to timeout.
   at ClientAuthError.AuthError [as constructor] (http://localhost:3000/static/js/0.chunk.js:65073:24)
   at new ClientAuthError (http://localhost:3000/static/js/0.chunk.js:65218:24)
   at Function.ClientAuthError.createTokenRenewalTimeoutError (http://localhost:3000/static/js/0.chunk.js:65255:12)
   at http://localhost:3000/static/js/0.chunk.js:67409:89

But if i use msal@1.1.3 it is working

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@suresh777 it’s empty .html file, empty file with .html as extenstion, didn’t even add any html code in it. I have placed it in public folder (next to index.html) so I can call it without rendering react. Here is sample from react-aad-msal