microsoft-authentication-library-for-dotnet: [Bug] "email" scope forces token refresh even if there are valid cached tokens

MSAL 4.7.1 net45

  • Desktop / Mobile
    • Interactive
    • Integrated Windows Auth
    • Username Password
    • Device code flow (browserless)

I use the following code to initialize IPublicClientApplication:

var client = PublicClientApplicationBuilder.Create(strClientId).Build();

Where the implemetnation of UserTokenCache.EnableSerialization() is taken from here:

Then I get a token multiple times using this line:

var authResult = await client.AcquireTokenSilent(new string[] {strCustomScope, "email"}, cachedTokenAccount).ExecuteAsync()

I get new tokens every time, even if I have valid (not expired) tokens in the cache. Because of that I get error introduced by this update:

Removing “email” scope fixes this and I get tokens from the cache if not expired.

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