microsoft-authentication-library-for-dotnet: [Bug] Breaking change in ManagedIdentityApplicationBuilder.Create causing MissingMethodException

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ManagedIdentityClient - managed identity

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The app is in production, and I have upgraded to a new version of MSAL

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  • Breaking changes shouldn’t be present in minor version upgrades. Especially if they cause breaking of other Microsoft libraries.

Identity provider

Microsoft Entra ID (Work and School accounts and Personal Microsoft accounts)


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Preview APIs are not meant to be used in production. We need to revise our mechanism for this. At the very least we must ask other sdk to not depend on them.

But for the short term, @gladjohn can you pls reach out to the Redis folks to get this updated ASAP? The longer this lives, the more diamond dependencies issues folks will face.

Resolved now, the Microsoft.Azure.StackExchangeRedis package was released with version 2.0.0.

Thank you all.

Are you still seeing issues if you update to the latest version of Microsoft.Azure.StackExchangeRedis?

Yes, the currently latest version is 1.1.0 and it’s still referencing 4.53.0 of Microsoft.Identity.Client. If you have a newer version of Microsoft.Identity.Client, it will fail.

There were some updates in the Microsoft.Azure.StackExchangeRedis library some months ago, but nothing is yet released. This issue has been occurring since June 2023.