static-web-apps-cli: swa 1.0.3 with Node18 - Can't reach api endpoint

Describe the bug The last version of the swa cli (1.0.3) doesn’t seem to work with NodeJS LTS 18.12.1 on a Blazor WASM with dotnet functions. The swa cli can’t connect to the api endpoint, but it works outside the swa cli either by running it via swa start or func host start:

[swa] ✖ Could not connect to “http://localhost:7071/”. Is the server up and running?

To Reproduce

> swa start http://localhost:5000 --run "dotnet watch run --project src/Client/Client.csproj" --api-location src/Api -V silly

Welcome to Azure Static Web Apps CLI (1.0.3)

Getting config file options from swa-cli.config.json...
Config file does not exist at <*****>\swa-cli.config.json
* WARNING: This emulator may not match the cloud environment exactly. *
* Always deploy and test your app in Azure.                           *

Checking if localhost:4280 is accepting TCP connections...
Port 4280 is available. Use it.
Resolved port number: 4280
appDevserverUrl provided, we will try connect to dev server at .
Trying to read workflow config with values:
 - appLocation: <*****>
 - outputLocation: http://localhost:5000
 - apiLocation: <*****>\src\Api
No workflow config folder found at <*****>\.github\workflows
Validating user workflow config (BEFORE):
 - appLocation: <*****>
 - outputLocation: http://localhost:5000
 - apiLocation: <*****>\src\Api
Validating user workflow config (AFTER):
 - appLocation: <*****>
 - apiLocation: <*****>\src\Api
 - outputLocation: http://localhost:5000
User workflow config:
 - appLocation: <*****>
 - apiLocation: <*****>\src\Api
 - outputLocation: http://localhost:5000
Starting the SWA emulator with the following configuration:
- ssl:
  - 0: false
  - 1: <undefined>
  - 2: <undefined>
- env:
  - SWA_CLI_DEBUG: silly
  - SWA_CLI_API_PORT: 7071
  - SWA_CLI_OUTPUT_LOCATION: http://localhost:5000
  - SWA_CLI_API_LOCATION: <*****>\src\Api
  - SWA_CLI_HOST: localhost
  - SWA_CLI_PORT: 4280
  - SWA_CLI_APP_SSL: false
  - SWA_CLI_APP_SSL_CERT: <undefined>
  - SWA_CLI_APP_SSL_KEY: <undefined>
  - SWA_CLI_STARTUP_COMMAND: dotnet watch run --project src/Client/Client.csproj
  - SWA_CLI_VERSION: 1.0.3
- commands:
  - swa: node "<*****>\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\@azure\static-web-apps-cli\dist\msha\server.js"
  - api: cd "<*****>\src\Api" && func start --cors "*" --port 7071 
  - run: cd "<*****>" && dotnet watch run --project src/Client/Client.csproj
[run] dotnet watch 🔥 Hot reload enabled. For a list of supported edits, see 
[run]   💡 Press "Ctrl + R" to restart.
[run] dotnet watch 🔧 Building...
[api] MSBuild version 17.3.2+561848881 for .NET
[api]   Determining projects to restore...
[run]   Determining projects to restore...
[swa] Loading staticwebapp.config.json schema...
[api]   All projects are up-to-date for restore.
[run]   All projects are up-to-date for restore.
[api]   Shared -> <*****>\src\Api\bin\output\Shared.dll
[run]   Shared -> <*****>\src\Shared\bin\Debug\net6.0\Shared.dll
[swa] Schema loaded successfully from
[swa] Compiling schema...
[swa] Reading content from staticwebapp.config.json...
[swa] Parsing staticwebapp.config.json...
[swa] Validating staticwebapp.config.json...
[swa] File validated successfully. Continuing with configuration!
[swa] Content parsed successfully
[swa] Found configuration file:
[swa]   <*****>\src\Client\wwwroot\staticwebapp.config.json
[swa] Validating dev server config:
[swa]  - url: http://localhost:5000
[swa]  - timeout: 60
[swa] Checking if localhost:5000 is accepting TCP connections...
[swa] - Waiting for http://localhost:5000 to be ready
[api]   Api -> <*****>\src\Api\bin\output\Api.dll
[run]   Client -> <*****>\src\Client\bin\Debug\net6.0\Client.dll
[run]   Client (Blazor output) -> <*****>\src\Client\bin\Debug\net6.0\wwwroot
[api]   Determining projects to restore...
[api]   Restored <*****>\AppData\Local\Temp\rshjuuph.lof\WorkerExtensions.csproj (in 1 sec).
[run] dotnet watch 🚀 Started
[api]   WorkerExtensions -> <*****>\AppData\Local\Temp\rshjuuph.lof\buildout\Microsoft.Azure.Functions.Worker.Extensions.dll
[run] info: Microsoft.Hosting.Lifetime[14]
[run]       Now listening on: http://localhost:5000
[run] info: Microsoft.Hosting.Lifetime[0]
[run]       Application started. Press Ctrl+C to shut down.
[swa] ✔ Connected to http://localhost:5000 successfully
[run] infoValidating dev server config:
[run] : Microsoft.Hosting.Lifetime[0]
[run]       Hosting environment: Development
[run] info: Microsoft.Hosting.Lifetime[0]
[run]       Content root path: <*****>\src\Client
[swa]  - url: http://localhost:7071
[swa]  - timeout: 60
[swa] Checking if localhost:7071 is accepting TCP connections...
[swa] - Waiting for http://localhost:7071 to be ready
[api] Build succeeded.
[api]     0 Warning(s)
[api]     0 Error(s)
[api] Time Elapsed 00:00:07.15
[api] Azure Functions Core Tools
[api] Core Tools Version:       4.0.4865 Commit hash: N/A  (64-bit)
[api] Function Runtime Version:
[api] [2022-11-08T11:47:39.657Z] Found <*****>\src\Api\Api.csproj. Using for user secrets file configuration.
[api] Functions:
[api]   <*****>: [GET] http://localhost:7071/api/<*****>/{culture}/{productItemKey}
[api]   <*****>: [GET] http://localhost:7071/api/<*****>/{subscriptionTicketKey}
[api]   Liveness: [GET] http://localhost:7071/api/Liveness
[api]   <*****>: [PUT] http://localhost:7071/api/<*****>
[api] For detailed output, run func with --verbose flag.
[api] [2022-11-08T11:47:42.497Z] Worker process started and initialized.
[api] [2022-11-08T11:47:46.312Z] Host lock lease acquired by instance ID '000000000000000000000000D3D4745D'.
[swa] ✖ Waiting for http://localhost:7071 to be ready
[swa] **✖ Could not connect to "http://localhost:7071". Is the server up and running?**
[swa] killing SWA CLI
[swa] node "<****>\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\@azure\static-web-apps-cli\dist\msha\server.js" exited with code 0
--> Sending SIGTERM to other processes..
[run] cd "<****>" && dotnet watch run --project src/Client/Client.csproj exited with code 1
--> Sending SIGTERM to other processes..
[api] cd "<****>\src\Api" && func start --cors "*" --port 7071  exited with code 1
**✖ SWA emulator stoped because API server exited with code 1.**


Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Windows 10
  • swa cli Version 1.0.3
  • NodeJs Version: LTS 18.12.1
  • Azure Functions Core Tools Version: 4.0.4865

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Hey @arobthearab , @jouz3 we’re able to reproduce the same issue locally. Seems like something is breaking with azure function core tools v4 with Node18 installed. We’re investigating this issue and will get back to you soon. Meanwhile please try to downgrade the version of Node 16. Please feel free to contribute if anyone has any discoveries. Thanks.

Hi all, The team is currently investigating this issue and will keep you posted on our findings. Node 18 is still in public preview, so kindly bear with us while we investigate and figure out the compatibility. We are expecting to get the fix within a month. Meanwhile, please resort to Node 16. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Just wanted to follow-up and mention that you should also make sure you’re not being dumb like I was and make sure you cd into the actual project directory first before running the tool. 🤦‍♂️

Though it would be nice if the CLI could mention that no SWA config was found or something to give the developer a hint.

Something I found odd is this issue with node 18 is happening in Windows 11 (in my case), but is working fine in Linux (Ubuntu) I am using the latest swa (1.0.6) btw

I have also the “Could not connect to “http://localhost:7071”. Is the server up and running” issue when node 18 and swa 1.0.4 With node 16 and swa 1.0.4 everthing works as expected