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I upload my data to Azure Storage. I can run Azure Chat App correctly. But, I am disappointed with wrong answer of chatbot. My data file is written by Korean and English. My chatbot’s answer is not consistent whenever I ask. Sometimes chatbot answer correctly, sometimes not.

[ Open Source Modification ]

  1. create_search_index() in
  • before : SearchableField(name=“content”, type=“Edm.String”, analyzer_name=“en_microsoft”),

  • after : SearchableField(name=“content”, type=“Edm.String”, analyzer_name=“standard.lucene”),

  1. query_prompt_template in
  • before : If the question is not in English, translate the question to English before generating the search query.
  • After : Please search in the language of the original input of the question, never try to translate it into English.

[ Chatbot provided wrong citation ]


[ Azure Storage Explorer ] SACC is defined in different file(*Lecture-7.pdf) image

How Can I improve Azure Search Service correctness?

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I’m seeing the same issue using the sample data.

  • “What is my deductable?”
    • Answers correctly in the chat
    • But the citation is incorrect



Getting same thing. Any updates on this?

I was unable to fix the issue. It used to work for me, in past deployments, but in the latest deployment, this issue popped up.

I also have the same issue. Have anyone try to fix the problem?