iotedge: iotedge check error: config.yaml has correct URIs for daemon mgmt endpoint - Error

Expected Behavior

iotedge check should be passed

Current Behavior

config.yaml has correct URIs for daemon mgmt endpoint - Error

Steps to Reproduce

Provide a detailed set of steps to reproduce the bug. 1.updating iotedge daemon to 1.0.10 2.restart device iotedge check 4.

Context (Environment)

Output of iotedge check

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config.yaml has correct URIs for daemon mgmt endpoint - Error
    Unable to find image '' locally
    1.0.10: Pulling from azureiotedge-diagnostics
    b9e6fec25718: Already exists
    909c0cde5070: Already exists
    c96327c6c17f: Already exists
    bbd8c93a942a: Already exists
    9b87e22bb11a: Already exists
    4d7335a78b54: Already exists
    df7387814126: Pulling fs layer
    c9f46c2fce6c: Pulling fs layer
    076984b59710: Pulling fs layer
    8368ffadb3f2: Pulling fs layer
    076984b59710: Waiting
    8368ffadb3f2: Waiting
    c9f46c2fce6c: Verifying Checksum
    c9f46c2fce6c: Download complete
    df7387814126: Verifying Checksum
    df7387814126: Download complete
    df7387814126: Pull complete
    8368ffadb3f2: Verifying Checksum
    8368ffadb3f2: Download complete
    c9f46c2fce6c: Pull complete
    076984b59710: Verifying Checksum
    076984b59710: Download complete
    076984b59710: Pull complete
    8368ffadb3f2: Pull complete
    Digest: sha256:01d3348865716a28ef84b0ddc2f69e7560d3a6d5425db3740960222f96e381d6
    Status: Downloaded newer image for
    One or more errors occurred. (Only 'http' and 'https' schemes are allowed. (Parameter 'requestUri'))

Device Information

  • Host OS [e.g. Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, Windows IoT Core]: Windows LTSB 2019
  • Architecture [e.g. amd64, arm32, arm64]: arm64
  • Container OS [e.g. Linux containers, Windows containers]: Windows containers

Runtime Versions

  • iotedged [run iotedge version]: 1.0.10
  • Edge Agent [image tag (e.g. 1.0.0)]: 1.0.10
  • Edge Hub [image tag (e.g. 1.0.0)]: 1.0.10
  • Docker/Moby [run docker version]: 1.40

About this issue

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  • Created 4 years ago
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Most upvoted comments

When I tried to stop these container, I had error that I have permission denied.

Yes, you were right. I have resolved a solution using docker forum.

For those people who might encounter following error: The issue is regarding docker daemon issue. I have resolved it using solution described here:

A solution: 
1. sudo aa-status
2. sudo systemctl disable apparmor.service --now
3. sudo service apparmor teardown
4. sudo aa-status

After these steps I restarted ```docker``` and ```iotedge``` daemons and restarted my RPI. After restarting I have everything working again. The issue happened when I tried to upgrade to newer version of IoT Edge and perhaps it was due to not fully removing some docker/iotedge stuff. Please be aware when performing such stuff.