communication-ui-library: Intermittent issue when joining a Teams meeting using CallWithChat

Describe the bug; what happened? It is an intermittent issue when I try to join an existing teams meeting. After the configuration screen, when clicking on join the meeting, it drops.

What are the steps to reproduce the issue? Sometimes, on the first attempt to enter a meeting, the error is displayed, but sometimes it takes time for it to happen again. If the organizer leaves the meeting, the error is no longer displayed.

What behavior did you expect?

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In what environment did you see the issue?

  • @azure/communication-react 1.5.0

  • @azure/communication-calling 1.11.1

  • @azure/communication-chat 1.2.0

  • OS & Device: Windows on PC

  • Browser: Microsoft Edge

  • Browser Version: 111.0.1661.54 (Official build) (64-bit)

Is there any additional information?

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@rsavioli we have rolled out a backend change which should address the issue. Thank you for patience. Please reach out or feel free to re-open the issue should you see it again.

@rsavioli a update for you. the issue on our service side has been found. we should see a fix deployed next week. was a misconfiguration somewhere so it is intermittent because sometimes you are connecting to the misconfigured server. I will continue to monitor the issue filed on our service and close this issue when the fix is deployed.

Thanks for all the information to help track this one down!

Thanks for the extra info! will update when we know something. 😊

@rsavioli Excellent! will do some digging around for you to see whats going on. Will update you when I find out what happened.

Excellent! thanks for the snippet. I will do a little digging and provide a update to you shortly!