Azurite: Azurite Durable Functions Connection Refused

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VS Code Extension

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What problem was encountered?

I have tried in vain over the last couple of days to get various flavours of azurite working with durable functions. Whether using v2.x.x installed via npm, or v3 manually built (or installed via VS code. I seem to be running it to the following types of error.

Executed 'Functions.DurableFunctionsHttpStart' (Failed, Id=62b2f95e-ba13-44f1-b08b-731de1acdb77) [28/10/2019 14:47:09] System.Private.CoreLib: Exception while executing function: Functions.DurableFunctionsHttpStart. System.Private.CoreLib: Result: Failure

The listener for function 'Functions.Hello' was unable to start. Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage: Connection refused. System.Net.Http: Connection refused. System.Private.CoreLib: Connection refused.

I finally decided to abort my attempts at local storage and try to use a connection string from my azure portal. This worked and the initial Durable Template worked as expected.

This could be a bug, or hole in the documentation, failing that it could simply be me missing something.

Steps to reproduce the issue?

User the Durable Functions Hello starter and try to run with Azurite via VS Code on Mac with "AzureWebJobsStorage": "UseDevelopmentStorage=true;", in local.settings.json.

Have you found a mitigation/solution?

Use a storage account in Azure portal circumvents any issues but that only proves the Durable Functions template is fine and there is a deeper issue in the setup of Azurite and Durable Functions (or Knowledge gap)

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Azure Durable Functions requires Azure Table which is not supported by Azurite V3 yet. However, after serveral rounds of discussion and review. Azurite V3 is going to support Table. It’s great if anyone likes to contribute to Azurite V3 Table. Use following queries for all opening TODO items:

Other references: Azurite V3 Table GitHub Branch: Azurite V3 Table GitHub Project: Azurite V3 Table Wiki (under development):

Durable functions now supported with preview version of Table API.

hi @JustinGrote, when you say

After patching the code and basically commenting out this section, it now behaves as expected and Durable functions work with Azurite as far as I can tell

do you mean the v2 version of Azurite ? I’m asking AFAIK durable functions need table storage which azurite v3 does not support.