azurehpc: BadRequest error creating a GPU VM instance

Hello, I’m using this config.json file to create a base VM for a GPU cluster but i’m getting a BadRequest and it just never finishes and i have to kill it. Any help please?

This is how i initiate it without changing anything in the config.json file: azhpc-init -c ../azurehpc/examples/nvidia -d nvidia -v resource_group=smahane-gpu,vm_type=Standard_ND40rs_v2,location=eastu

The output is:

azhpc build
[2020-09-14 23:37:52] creating resource group smahane-gpu
[2020-09-14 23:37:53] writing out arm template to deploy_config.json
[2020-09-14 23:37:53] deploying arm template
jumpbox         Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines               Created
gpumaster       Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines               BadRequest
jumpbox_nic     Microsoft.Network/networkInterfaces             Created
gpumaster_nic   Microsoft.Network/networkInterfaces             Created
gpumaster_pip   Microsoft.Network/publicIPAddresses             OK
jumpbox_pip     Microsoft.Network/publicIPAddresses             OK
jumpbox_nsg     Microsoft.Network/networkSecurityGroups         OK
hpcvnet         Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks               OK
gpumaster_nsg   Microsoft.Network/networkSecurityGroups         OK

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@xpillons I tested this in the gpu_gen2 and it worked. Thank you very much!