angular: Error building project using artifacts created from angular source code build

Which @angular/* package(s) are the source of the bug?

Don’t known / other

Is this a regression?



In order to inestigate, first I build angular-cli from source, then installed the tar balls and created a new angular project with it. This was done so that a new angular project is created with the correct dependencies.

Then I followed instructions at t to copy angular build artifacts over to the newly created project using yarn link. Running “npm start” results in the above error.

I manually updated the javascript bundle where the issue was found and replaced ExternalExpr as suggested in the error message below. When I ran npm start again, I did not get error for ExternalExpr but similar error for another named export. Is there anything I am missing?

Please provide a link to a minimal reproduction of the bug

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Please provide the exception or error you saw

An unhandled exception occurred: Named export 'ExternalExpr' not found. The requested module '@angular/compiler' is a CommonJS module, which may not support all module.exports as named exports.
CommonJS modules can always be imported via the default export, for example using:

import pkg from '@angular/compiler';
const { ExternalExpr, ExternalReference, WrappedNodeExpr } = pkg;

Please provide the environment you discovered this bug in (run ng version)

Angular CLI: 14.1.0-next.0
node: v14.17.0

Anything else?

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Yeah, you can mention that you need to run ng cache disable.