angular: Default encapsulation doesn't work after init in boostrapModule

Which @angular/* package(s) are the source of the bug?


Is this a regression?



const bootstrap = () =>
    platformBrowserDynamic().bootstrapModule(AppBrowserModule, {
        defaultEncapsulation: ViewEncapsulation.ShadowDom

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Please provide a link to a minimal reproduction of the bug

No response

Please provide the exception or error you saw

I expect behavior to change encapsulation!

Please provide the environment you discovered this bug in (run ng version)

Angular 9
Node.js 16
npm 6

Anything else?

ps: other question why is there no property defaultChangeDetection in CompilerOptions?


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So it’s not possible to set the default encapsulation with AOT?

@JoostK I don't understand what you mean by defaultChangeDetection.

I mean

const bootstrap = () =>
    platformBrowserDynamic().bootstrapModule(AppBrowserModule, {
        defaultEncapsulation: ViewEncapsulation.ShadowDom,
        defaultChangeDetection: ChangeDetectionStrategy.OnPush
  selector: 'app',
  template: 'hello world'  // default OnPush

That sounds like a feature request unrelated to this issue report. We don’t have any intentions to widen the JIT configuration options, quite the opposite: these options don’t work in AOT compilations (and never will) and we tend to prefer self-contained components.