angular: Component Router does not work with Upgrade Adapter

When trying to use the Angular 2 Component Router (Angular 2 RC 4) with the upgrade adapter I got the following error:

Bootstrap at least one component before injecting Router. at setupRouter

This is my main.ts file:

angular.module(moduleName).directive('App', upgradeAdapter.downgradeNg2Component(AppComponent));


upgradeAdapter.bootstrap(document.body, [moduleName]);

I google the problem and found the following links, but they all correspond to the router deprecated module as the Angular team changed how the router works since RC4:

Any ideas?

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@ptomaszi provideRouter is being deprecated as of RC5, so as a disclaimer this is subject to change but since you’re using ngUpgrade, you’ll need to override the ApplicationRef in the providers of your AppComponent


"@angular/router": "3.1.1" doesn’t call initial navigation automatically.

Calling initialNavigation() in AppComponent fixed the issue:

export class AppComponent {
  constructor(router: Router) {