angular-cli: Locally linked UMD bundles break runtime when producing source maps

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Is this a regression?

Breaking change:


List a local js/umd built package in the package.json and run npm i so it creates a symbolic link in node_modules and not a copy.

Causes chunks to be generated with undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined inserted into the bottom of the build output which obviously break the whole thing on runtime.


  1. Disable source map generation (i.e production mode)

  2. (Best option) npm pack the module and list the tar in the package.json instead so that the module is copied and not linked.

  3. Other fix (by far not recommended):

// adding vendorSourceMap in @angular-devkit/build-angular/src/webpack/configs/common.js fixes it
if ((scriptsSourceMap || stylesSourceMap) && vendorSourceMap) {
// --- OR ---
// add the origin folder (in this case 'vendor') to exclude regex
exclude: vendorSourceMap
                ? /(ngfactory|ngstyle)\.js$/
                : [/[\\\/]node_modules[\\\/]/, /[\\\/]vendor[\\\/]/, /(ngfactory|ngstyle)\.js$/],

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Apart from a zoom call, can’t really reproduce as it’s a purchased commercial module in use.

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