angular-cli: Discussion: Too many config files in the root folder

@johnpapa raised a concern he got from people who saw how many files the CLI is generating.

So he offered to move the CLI files into an .angular-cli folder so at least we’ll have a little less noise.

Points raised:

The good parts

  • The root folder will be a little less messy
  • We can set an example for other projects to clean up our dirty dirty root folder 😃

The bad parts

  • People are used to stuff being in the root folder
  • Unless we can convince all of the other projects to keep their file in a config folder this isn’t gonna change soon

We’ll love to hear more feedback from the community, so feel free to add your input and vote in favor or not.

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Yes, to be clear I meant just the angular cli specific files go in the .cli folder (or whatever it is called)

BTW … idea came from @spboyer “Beardy”