CudaText: Can't open files with long filenames in project manager

Version 1.139.5 (Qt5), Linux (Arch)

I use the project manager plugin to have a browsable view of my home directory in the left pane. I’ve found I can’t open files with particularly long filenames. When I double click on a file with too long a name, CudaText freezes, and I have to close it by clicking the close window button twice.

The maximum length of the filename changes with the directory path (although it doesn’t seem to be just a maximum limit on the filepath either). Here are the results on my testing:

/home/jordan/123456789012345678901234567 - (27) OK
/home/jordan/1234567890123456789012345678 - (28) Not OK
/home/jordan/GitRepo/123456789012345678901234 - (24) OK
/home/jordan/GitRepo/1234567890123456789012345 - (25) Not OK
/home/jordan/GitRepo/BTRFS-Snapshot-Tool/123456789012345678 - (18) OK
/home/jordan/GitRepo/BTRFS-Snapshot-Tool/1234567890123456789 - (19) Not OK

So as you can see as the directory gets longer, the maximum chars in the filename goes down, but it’s not 1:1.

Btw, GitRepo is a symlink to an NFS partition if that’s important. And my filesystem uses BTRFS - /home is in its own subvolume.

Opening any of these files via the “Open file” dialog works perfectly, no issues.

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So you have a Qt5 version, because Gtk2 version shows the hint out of the ProjManager window. so it is a problem with qt5 + Wayland session. I will tell the IDE devs about it.

I get the log if I click on a file with a “good” filename.