angular-ui-notification: $http.get(...).success is not a function angular 1.6

with angular v1.6.0-rc.0, any use Notification throw

TypeError: $http.get(...).success is not a function

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Yes, in Angular 1.6 the $http Success/Error callback methods have been deprecated.

They should be replaced by .then(...) everywhere in this library.

Hi ! i’ve updated bower.json to resolve properly for angular 1.5.x and 1.6 of package so untill our PR will be merged to master you can specify fork with fixes in your bower.json file with this line:

"angular-ui-notification": "MikhailRoot/angular-ui-notification#0.3.4",

in your dependencies section.

Great! Thank you @MikhailRoot

As @cklemming says, in Angular 1.6 $http Success/Error callback methods have been deprecated.

$http’s deprecated custom callback methods - success() and error() - have been removed (…) but note that the method signatures and return values are different.

Due to b54a39

You should find more info in about changes with $http in migration guide.