hassio-addons: Scrutiny (Full Access) - error during startup


I have been using device type sat for previous version 0.7.3… now error message during startup

Reproduction steps

Error during addon startup

Addon Logs

 Add-on: Scrutiny (Full Access)
 Scrutiny WebUI for smartd S.M.A.R.T monitoring (Full Access)
 Add-on version: v0.8.0-2
 You are running the latest version of this add-on.
 System: Home Assistant OS 12.1  (aarch64 / raspberrypi4-64)
 Home Assistant Core: 2024.3.1
 Home Assistant Supervisor: 2024.03.0
 Please, share the above information when looking for help
 or support in, e.g., GitHub, forums

time="2024-03-17T16:13:16+02:00" level=info msg="Verifying required tools" type=metrics
time="2024-03-17T16:13:16+02:00" level=info msg="Executing command: /usr/sbin/smartctl --scan --json --dev sat" type=metrics
time="2024-03-17T16:13:16+02:00" level=info msg="Executing command: /usr/sbin/smartctl --info --json --dev sat /dev/sda" type=metrics
time="2024-03-17T16:13:16+02:00" level=info msg="Generating WWN" type=metrics
time="2024-03-17T16:13:16+02:00" level=info msg="Sending detected devices to API, for filtering & validation" type=metrics
time="2024-03-17T16:13:16+02:00" level=info msg=" - db21ed7f-scrutiny-fa [17/Mar/2024:16:13:16 +0200] \"POST /api/devices/register\" 200 637 \"\" \"Go-http-client/1.1\" (3ms)" clientIP= hostname=db21ed7f-scrutiny-fa latency=3 method=POST path=/api/devices/register referer= respLength=637 statusCode=200 type=web userAgent=Go-http-client/1.1
time="2024-03-17T16:13:16+02:00" level=info msg="Collecting smartctl results for sda\n" type=metrics
time="2024-03-17T16:13:16+02:00" level=info msg="Executing command: /usr/sbin/smartctl --xall --json --dev sat --device sat /dev/sda" type=metrics
time="2024-03-17T16:13:16+02:00" level=error msg="smartctl returned an error code (1) while processing sda\n" type=metrics
time="2024-03-17T16:13:16+02:00" level=error msg="smartctl could not parse commandline" type=metrics
time="2024-03-17T16:13:16+02:00" level=info msg="Publishing smartctl results for 0x5002538e30823ba8\n" type=metrics
time="2024-03-17T16:13:16+02:00" level=error msg="An error occurred while saving smartctl metrics unprocessable entity: failure writing points to database: partial write: points beyond retention policy dropped=1" type=web


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New version installed, tested and it’s still the same problem during startup

ah - good point! Thanks I’ll update FA

the end result is 2 sets of device flags --dev and --device

Hi, sorry about that… I don’t see anything wrong with the addon code from the log I think you’ll have better support from the app repo : https://github.com/AnalogJ/scrutiny