hassio-addons: [Firefly iii] [rpi4] doesn't launch at all

Which addon?

  • Addon name : Firefly III
  • Addon version : 5.6.10-4

Describe the bug It doesn’t start. I’m getting [FATAL tini (8)] exec /usr/bin/env failed: Exec format error and that’s it.

To Reproduce

  • Supervisor version: 2021.12.2
  • Host system version: Home Assistant OS 7.1 on RPi4

About this issue

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  • Created 2 years ago
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Hey, whaddya know, it’s working now! Thank you!

Hi, I had to change the way the addons are built. Could you please test again if you are still interested ? thanks !

I’m sorry about that. If I encounter the issue and find the cause I’ll let you know here

I leave the config completely default, so “sqlite_internal”. I just supply the app key.

Yes, as I wrote in the OP, the Ckg: unbound variable error is present even when I remove the config.yaml and let the app regenerate it. Or when I don’t do anything at all (and just supply the 32 char app key).